Cairngorms Outdoor Access Trust is an innovative environmental charity promoting sustainable access to the Cairngorms area. The company has five main strands of activity:

· Community Path Networks -  We upgrade paths and develop new paths in, around and between communities to facilitate more and higher quality access opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

· Upland Paths -  We repair eroded paths in the mountains so that access can be sustained without damaging the landscape and environment.

· Walking To Health -  We are developing a suite of structured health walks.

· Strategic Routes - We are working on delivery of strategic long distance routes.

· Promotion and Interpretation - We provide information about Outdoors Access through leaflets, interpretive boards and signposting.

Last year has been a fantastic year for us with a huge amount of work carried out across the area, and turnrover up to a new level of £1.45m for us. Our most recent annual report is available here for anyone who would like to download it.