The Cairngorms Upland Path Priorities Assessment (CUPPA) project was taken forward during 2007/8, with a view to prioritising a list of upland paths to be taken forward as a path repair project.

The Munros and Corbetts guides were trawled for all promoted routes in the Cairngorms area, and over 200 paths were identified.  Maps of these were then sent out to landowners for any information they had on the route, and to elicit their own priorities in relation to the routes.  Over 80% of these were returned, with a wide array of information and pictures, allowing COAT to boil down the list to a more managable 35 paths. 

The information was compiled in a database, with maps provided and where possible photographs were made available.  The information was put in front of the CUPPA workshop in Boat of Garten during March 2008.  The workshop comprised NGOs, usergroups, public bodies, landowners and other stakeholders, with their input to guide the prioritisation process.  The findings of the workshop are summarised here.

The workshop was very positive, but the type and quantity of information varied markedly between paths and landowners and the group found it difficult to compare and prioritise routes.  COAT agreed to carry out a path audit of the 35 paths, using path condition and context survey methodology to provide a consistent level of information and guidance on all paths, and to present this to the workshop during March 2009.


For a summary copy of the findings of the assessment click here (140kb)


 Workshop at Boat Of Garten, March 2008