Path improvements in progress

Following consultation with Kingussie Community Development Company and Newtonmore & Vicinity Community Council and with generous co-operation from Pitmain Estate, an upgrade to the informal path from Kingussie to Newtonmore via loch Gynack has been agreed.

Work in progress.

The route winds up though birch woodland from the Golf Course in Kingussie past loch Gynack and on up to open moorland above Newtonmore taking in views of the Cairngorm and Monadliath Mountains along the way. The upgraded path will provide a much better quality and way-marked route to improve access between the two villages and provide opportunites for longer circular walks. Linking the path network in Kingussie with the Wildcat trail in Newtonmore the loch Gynack path will join up an extensive network of promoted paths in the area.

The contract to undertake the work has been awarded to Hitrak ltd. who commenced work in November but work has been delayed due to the snow. Some further work to improve access through to Newtonmore is currently under negotiation.


loch gynack 1   

Views of the Glen Banchor hills along the way.