Riverside Path, Carrbridge

Following a request from Carrbridge Comunity Council to look at the Riverside Path near the centre of Carrbridge village, COAT have worked with the Highland Council, Seafield’s Estate and other local landowners to upgrade the path and overcome current problems arising from inundation of the path.

carrbridge 1 carrbridge 2

Standing water on the path following inundation in November 2009

Running along the north side of the River Dulnain from the Old Bridge Garage in Carrbridge to the ‘Gurkha bridge’ upstream, sections of the path have deteriorated badly over the years with inundation by the river and general ageing of the path infrastructure. Water damage has resulted in a gradual loss of the soil which formed the path surface and has left a gully which holds water for several days or weeks following inundation. A popular path with locals and visitors and easily accessible from the centre of the village, there was a strong desire from the community to find a solution to this problem and improve access along the route.

carrbridge 3 carrbridge 4

The fence at the start of the path replaced.

The first phase of the works will be to realign the path at the flood damaged section away from the river and to raise the path height to reduce the frequency of inundation resulting from regular high river levels. Replacement of existing fences and improvements to the path surface along the start of the path will also be made.

Ongoing negotiation with landowners has made it possible to gain permission to upgrade the path all the way to Ellan Bridge and onto the south side of the river to the pony treking stables. The good will of local landowners is very much appreciated in allowing these works which will help to create a circular walk of a very high standard accessible to most users from the centre of the village. Once completed the path will be a great asset to Carrbridge.

Local contractor, McGowan Outdoor Access, have been working hard through adverse weather to complete the path. The bulk of the work has now been done and residents are already enjoying using the upgraded sections.

carrbridge 5